Mao | Respectful Mediterranean children's sandal - MURIS – Muris Brand




Mao is made of 80% plant-based materials. Its exterior is made from grape waste 🍇 and its interior is made from corn 🌽. Its sole contains more than 85% natural rubber resin 🌱.

Mao’s materials are breathable 🌬️ and splash resistant 💧.

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☀️ 100% respectful sandals.

🔛 Wide toe box for total toe freedom.

🦶🏼 Thin sole with zero-drop to protect the foot without affecting its development.

👣 Pull tab and Velcro fastening to encourage children's autonomy and ensure an optimum fit for each type of foot.

👟 Highly flexible and lightweight.

🧽 Antibacterial and absorbent insole.