Cleaning and caring of your respectful shoes - MURIS – Muris Brand

How to keep your Muris clean

Children spend time having fun in the playground, doing activities with paint, running around with their friends and playing in the sand. Our respectful shoes accompany them on each and every adventure, with all that that entails. That's why we share with you 3 simple steps to clean your Muris and help children enjoy their comfort for as long as possible without damaging the material.

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Step 1

At the end of the day and after use, it is important to leave the shoes to air in a place out of the sun, so that they can expel sweat. It is not advisable to store them in a box or wardrobe immediately after use.

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Step 2

Once aired overnight, the surface of the shoe can be brushed to remove any solid dirt such as mud, sand or anything else that has stuck to it.

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Step 3

Clean them with a damp cloth and neutral soap. In no case should shoes be washed in the washing machine. Do not use colour-enhancing soaps, soap powders or bleach products, or any kind of shoe polish or creams.