Barefoot and sustainable children's footwear - MURIS – Muris Brand

Say hello to freedom of movement

número 1 con una suela de zapato muris con puntera ancha

Wide toe box

They offer your child's feet the much-needed freedom by allowing the toes to spread out in their natural position.

número 2 con una suela de muris explicando la suela fina

Thin sole with zero-drop

A flat sole provides the best foundation for a natural, upright posture and helps prevent knee, hip or back pain.

número 3 con un zapato muris doblado para explicar la flexibilidad

Flexible and lightweight

Get children to feel the ground they run and play on and let them connect with the environment for their proper development.


Named after one of the seven wonders of the world, the Petra model features a mix of colors for a special and sporty touch.


Inspired by Cinque Terre, our Terre model combines versatility with a classic and timeless style.


This model pays homage to the archipelago of more than 300 islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean, and is ideal for both the coolest spring and the hottest summer, as its toe cap is covered but has several openings that facilitate breathability.


Rio takes its name and inspiration from the vibrant Brazilian capital. This sandal will bring a touch of joy and colour to the feet of the little ones while still offering comfort and freedom.


The inspiration for this model comes from the classic Menorcan sandals called "abarcas" and the relaxed lifestyle of the city. Thus, it is a more classic sandal that incorporates Mediterranean and modern details.


Greece's iconic largest island gives its name to this model, whose design and colours inspire simplicity and naturalness. This makes it a wardrobe essential that is easy to combine thanks to its versatility.

Respectful footwear is the new green

The fashion sector is facing an increase in textile production. Vegetable-based materials, stringency and awareness are becoming essential factors to begin to redirect the sector towards a more sustainable and respectful solution for the future of children.

For this reason, Muris seeks to meet the need to offer children's footwear that is respectful and, at the same time, sustainable. To this end, we use organic materials such as waste from the wine industry.

Our first steps

Muris was created by Lara and Julia, mothers and co-founders of the company. In the course of raising their children, they came across a lack of respectful children's shoes made from plant-based materials.

Faced with this situation, they decided to work together to fulfill their vision of creating a children's shoe brand. Thus, Muris was born, the alternative that contributes to the free development of children and, at the same time, cares for the environment.