This is our story

While raising our children, we became aware of the lack of children's shoes that were respectful and made from organic materials.

In view of this situation, we decided to focus on fulfilling our vision of creating a sustainable children's footwear brand that was respectful both towards children and the environment.

This is how Muris was born. Our brand is a combination of care for children's wellbeing and commitment to the planet. We work together to revolutionize the children's footwear industry.

Discover the world with your feet

Jumping in a puddle, running through the park, exploring a forest, kicking a ball...

At Muris we believe that there is nothing more important for children than moving their feet.

That's why, one day, we wondered...

What is the best footwear for our little ones?

After much research, we decided to create a shoe never seen before. A shoe that would ensure the greatest freedom of movement and take care of the support of the body.

A lightweight, breathable and non-rubbing shoe.

Pictos que simbolizan de respeto, bio materiales y cruelty free

Our philosophy

The term Muris comes from the community known as Tarahumaras, Rarámuris or, in other words, "the one with the light feet". This concept served us as inspiration. Our main aim was to focus on the importance of children having total freedom to learn and develop their abilities and skills autonomously. Consequently, we created a lightweight shoe that protects the feet and provides the feeling of walking barefoot. 

At Muris we have worked to integrate this philosophy from the very beginning, because we know that the infant stage is the most important for developing strong feet. It is for this reason that all our shoes have a thin sole base so that children can develop a foot that resists and adapts to heterogeneous surfaces. Moreover, we have concentrated on creating a shoe that reproduces the feeling of walking barefoot.

So that nothing can stop them from going as far as they want to go. So that they can live the best experiences without stumbling.

We chose the hard way

We spent months searching for the best materials in breathability and sustainability and creating the lightest and most flexible soles. We applied the latest innovations in every single detail. The result? Comfortable, sustainable, high quality children's footwear, designed and produced by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.

What did not exist, we had to invent.

Stepping hard, but leaving no footprint

Shoes that respect the feet of the little ones, but also the planet.

We use 80% plant-based materials from plant-based, renewable and recycled raw materials and minimize our CO₂ footprint to the maximum.