Discover the ideal respectful footwear - MURIS – Muris Brand

What are the main features of Muris respectful footwear?

Sustainability, innovation, quality and timeless design are part of the Muris DNA. Our collection of respectful children's footwear seeks to bring together all the values ​​and objectives of the brand in each of the models.

All of them are a combination of simplicity, dynamism, elegance and sustainability. Made from sustainable materials, each of the designs pursues a common concept: free development. Our main idea is to ​​respect the growth and times of each child without placing any kind of limitation, but at the same time without failing to protect the feet from the ground and abrupt objects.

Wide toe box, free toes

The toes are especially wide so that the little fingers of our children do not suffer any kind of pressure and discomfort. We avoid any kind of pointed toe finish and therefore build a space wide enough for the feet to develop without any kind of limitation.

And then we saw the light

A 3mm flat sole that replicates the sensation of barefoot walking, designed to prevent physiological valgus.

As a result, we have a flexible and consistent sole ready to protect children's feet without affecting their development.

Stepping hard, but leaving no footprint

We work with organic materials and residues from other production processes, such as waste from the wine industry, vegetable oils and natural fibres from agriculture.

Flexibility in its purest form

Designed with as few seams as possible and materials with special properties that allow for great flexibility and twist.

The Strobel design aims to make the structure of the shoe as similar as possible to that of a glove.

Heel counter? No, thanks

We have removed this element from our shoes in order to increase their flexibility and thus benefit children's development. With the pull strap, we make it easier to put the shoes on.

The best respectful insole

Flat insole, only 4 mm, easily removable, which encourages the child's autonomy.


Designed with zero-drop, antibacterial and easy to clean.

Closures that open a thousand possibilities

All models have a Velcro system that makes it easier for children to keep their shoes on and prevents them from feeling too tight. In addition, it empowers them, as it allows them total autonomy in putting them on. 

This Velcro system is interchangeable to give a more colourful and fun touch to the Muris Terre.