Fiji pays homage to the archipelago of over 300 islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean and is inspired by the tropical coolness of coral reefs.

It's a covered sandal that gives the foot a cosy feel during the cooler spring temperatures. At the same time, it has different openings for the feet to breathe, which also makes it ideal for high summer temperatures.

Its success in the spring-summer 2023 season has brought it back this year with an improved sole and the addition, from 15/03, of a new colour: Light Gray.

Fiji will be available in sizes 20 to 27.

Mao's design is reminiscent of the classic Menorcan sandal called "abarca", and it is from the capital of this Mediterranean island that it gets its name. 

The inspiration for this model comes from the relaxed lifestyle of the city that gives it its name, and evokes its charming cobbled streets and local architecture. 

In addition to a thin Velcro strap made to prevent chafing wounds, Mao features a pull tab that will encourage children's autonomy by allowing them to learn how to put on and take off their shoes easily and safely.

Mao will be available from size 20 to 30.

The Rio sandal is named after the vibrant Brazilian capital, known for its rich culture and breathtaking scenery.

All the details, especially the two wide Velcro straps and the soft texture, are designed to offer both freedom and security. In addition, it is specially designed with a spacious opening for a comfortable and easy fit.

The 5 colours available are inspired by the lively, dynamic and energetic palette of colours of this city and make it a very versatile shoe, ideal for everyday wear.

Rio will be available in sizes 20 to 30.

Greece's iconic largest island gives its name to this model, whose design and colours inspire simplicity and naturalness. 

Creta is a sandal conceived to provide confidence and stability to the youngest members of the family, as it has a padded back that hugs the heel and protects it without immobilising or stiffening it.

In addition, this model is designed to be a tribute to timelessness, making it a wardrobe essential, easy to combine with any outfit and style.

Creta will be available from size 20 to 27.